The Rob Levit Trio, one of the best loved jazz groups in the mid-Atlantic region, is anchored by acoustic bassist Amy Shook, one of the few women acoustic jazz bass virtuoso in the world, and master drummer Frank Russo. Together, they create a seamless mix of jazz, world, classical, and funk grooves that is rapidly vaulting them to national recognition.


















I provide highly-rated, interactive and engaging workshops,
seminars and keynotes on creativity, innovation, accountability and leadership. As a nationally-renowned musician, speaker, community leader and educator, I speak and share from a deep well of experience working with international artists, nonprofits, hospices and hospitals, elementary and secondary schools and many others. I am an actual "boots on the ground" practitioner, not simply a consultant or theoretician. My key strengths are audience engagement and making the complex accessible. I customize presentations for the organizations I work with, thoroughly research their needs and leave them empowered with resources and inspiration.



A Flash of Joy - Rob Levit
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